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Paragon Label is a family-owned company specializing in printing fine quality, pressure-sensitive labels for the wine, food, health and beauty industry. Located in the heart of the wine country in Petaluma, California, Paragon Label was launched in 1998 as a division of Mrs. Grossman’s, one of the largest and most respected decorative sticker manufacturers in the world.

We launched Paragon to meet the need for high quality wine labels for local producers. But as we grew, our customer base soon included everything from fine wineries and breweries to olive oil, organic soap and gourmet food companies. It’s this kind of customer diversity that makes Paragon so unique in the industry.

Today Paragon Label runs five Flexo presses, a HP digital press, a one-of-a-kind laser-cutting system and state-of-the-art foil and embossing presses. Our team is committed to excellence – from printing to customer service to sustainability. Attesting to those values, Paragon Label has won more than twenty regional, national and international awards for both the fine quality printing and extraordinary environmental practices.

“Our entire team is accessible to the customer,” says Jason Grossman, son of Mrs. Grossman and company president of Paragon Label. “That’s the way we like to run the show. We are all accountable and have a thorough knowledge of our customer’s labeling specifications and requirements. Because we are family-owned, we can be more innovative, responsive and make smart decisions that can benefit our customer instantly. I couldn’t be prouder than I am of what this company has achieved within the printing industry. We are like the little engine that could, and would and did.”

Paragon Label has become a recognized environmental leader that runs side by side with Mrs. Grossman’s. Our printing facility overlooks a wildlife preserve, employees bring their dogs to work and visitors from all over the world take our factory tours.


Paragon Label has been winning awards for outstanding flexographic printing and pioneering sustainable practices since 2004. As a young, growing company we have been honored and privileged to be recognized nationally by our peers. Each win for us is just one more reason we are absolutely dedicated to producing the highest quality label possible.


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